We from Brodos AG are always working at improving and developing our services and performance. In this way, over the years we have created a very high standard for us and our customers, which we have been successful at retaining. We are regularly mentioned and rewarded in this respect by the specialist press.

Here is a small overview of past awards:
Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2016 Once again this year more than 2,500 retailers cast their votes and submitted their rating. Now the winners have been chosen and we are very happy to announce that we were able to take home the most important award of all “Best Distributor 2016”. We particularly appreciate the fact that we scored so well with our retailers this year, in spite of this having been a more difficult year. We were able to convince Telecom Handel readers in six categories: We came out top in the areas of end customer marketing (mark 2.30), shop / PoS fittings (2.35), marketing of services (2.29), corporate management (2.76), multichannel/web-shop/e-commerce (2.27) and partner programme (2.36). We are particularly pleased to have won the new category multichannel/web-shop/e-commerce, and this makes it clear that the industry has recognized the importance of our cross-channel concept. We were also able to score in the areas of complaints procedure (2.19), web/social media presence (2.44), repair service and processing (2.22), bonus programme / campaigns (2.36), demo/sample devices (3.55) and ERP / PoS system (2.33), where we came in second. We gained third place for personal customer care (1.98), support from field staff (2.67) and technical hotline (2.21).
Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2015 More than 2,500 retailers cast their votes and submitted their rating this year – more than ever before. We are very happy to announce that this year we were able to celebrate not one but two successes: Best Distributor for Private Customers with the rating 2.24 and runner up for the overall title “Best Distributor” with the rating 2.26. A close run race, as all that separated us from first place was a razor-thin 0.02 points.We were able to convince readers in the final readers’ choice for the overall title in five categories: we are unbeaten in the categories ERP or PoS systems, support with end customer marketing, shop or PoS fittings, bonus programs/campaigns and partner programs. Categories we can be especially proud of, as they help retailers to remain on an equal footing with e-tailers.We were of course pleased to see that the connected store received a lot of recognition as the concept of the future for the brick and mortar trade. Roland Bernhard, editor in chief of Telecom Handel, praised us as a “particularly visionary company”. The readers like our cross-channel initiative, which was given another special mention by Mr. Bernhard in his speech.
Bayerns Best 50 Award On July 29th 2015 the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology honored the Brodos AG as as one of the 50 fastest-growing medium-sized companies at the Munich Residence. Economic stability and sustainability for the future were the main criteria for being chosen for the BAYERNS BEST 50 competition. “Without the work of the small and medium-sized enterprises, the dynamics and innovation of the Baverian economy would be simply unimaginable” according to Bavaria’s Minister for the Economy Ilse Aigner. “Small and medium-sized enterprises create jobs, forming the basis for the high standard of living in Bavaria:” The auditing and consultancy company Baker Tilly Roelfs was responsible for both organising and judging the competition.
Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2014 In 2015, Brodos – for the sixth time in a row – is once more awarded the title “Premium Distributor”, continuing to be one of the top 3 telecommunications distributors in Germany. The competition was greater than ever this year, with over 70 wholesale distributors being evaluated by the readers of Telecom Handel. As in the year before, only a few hundredths of a point separated the first three places from each other. Points were allocated in 18 disciplines, three of which were won by Brodos/my-eXtra: best ERP system or best PoS system, best end customer marketing and best shop and PoS fittings. Readers also ranked our partner programs, roadshows, bonus campaigns, online ordering system and repair service as being very good.
Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2013 For the fifth time in a row, Brodos was voted one of the three best distributors in the readers’ poll run by the leading German telecommunications journal Telecom Handel, retaining the title “Premium Distrbutor” Brodos was pitched at the post with a razor-thin majority to come in at a very close 2nd place. Only two hundredths of a point were missing in the overall mark for Brodos to have been able to defend the title of the year before. Brodos was able to prove that the win in the readers’ poll 2013 was not just a flash in the pan, receiving very good reviews once again. In four of the 19 disciplines Brodos came out on top. These included personal support, delivery and dispatch terms, the partner program and internal trade fairs and roadshows. In five other categories, Brodos came in second, just missing winning by a fraction. In addition, Brodos won seven bronze medals in the individual rankings. Retailers praised Brodos in particular for the straighforward and individual cooperation.
Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2012 Brodos is “Distributor of the Year 2013”! In the readers’ poll conducted by Telecom Handel, Brodos successfully made it to the very top for the first time, winning first place. For Brodos, the first place is the culmination of a unique race to catch up. Over the years, Brodos has worked itself up step by step with determination and persistence. This is now the fourth time in a row that Brodos has won a place among the three best distributors, bearing the title “Premium Distributor” once again. More than than 1,300 retailers took part in the readers’ poll conducted by the leading trade journal in the branch, assessing more than 70 distributors. Brodos was able to leave the competition behind in five of 16 disciplines. Brodos was especially convincing with individual victories in the categories financing, lead generating, personal support, support with end customer marketing as well as payment terms and credit limit. In four other categories Brodos only just missed first place, coming in second. A great number of readers expressed their appreciation of the direct line between retailer and distributor as well as the model of goods sold on consignment which can be returned if not sold. Our support with end customer marketing has been well received for years now. The award “Distributor of the Year” is a great incentive for Brodos to continue to give all we’ve got, true to our motto “Brodos – simply a better package”.
DISTRI2012_CB6ATelecom Handel readers’ poll 2011 This years readers’ poll for the “Distributor of the Year” from Germany’s leading trade journal for the telecommunications branch ended with a record participation of more than 1,100 votes cast. Brodos was able for the thrid time in a row to secure a place as one of the best three distributors, enjoying once more the title “Premium Distributor 2012”. Specialist retailers in the telecommunications trade were able to rank distributors in a total of 16 categories. Brodos was ranked in first place for three categories: end customer marketing, bonus programs and campaigns and payment terms and credit limit. Brodos was one of the top three distributors in a total of nine categories.
TH_PLAKETTE_DISTRI2010Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2010 Brodos comes in second for the second time in a row, and wins the title Premium Distributor 2011. The ranking is based on the reviews of telecommunications retailers in 16 categories: Prices and commission, dispatch and delivery terms, high supply capability, dealing with complaints, personal advice, online ordering system, payment terms and credit limit, technical hotline, repairs service, support with end customer marketing, bonus programs and campaigns, training courses, support in store / field sales staff, internal trade shows / roadshows, financing of project business and lead generation.Brodos came in at first place for a total of six different disciplines, for example with support in store, support with end customer marketing and lead generating, bonus programs as well as payment terms and financing.
markt intern Readers’ poll 2009 The markt-intern publishing house carries out a survey among all specialist retailers in the telecommunications branch in Germany once a year. The services offered by telecommunications distributors are assessed in eight different categories: Sales policy / orientation towards specialist retail, support with sales and marketing, purchasing terms, deliverability / order fulfillment, how complaints are dealt with, repairs processing, online portal and training courses. Brodos came out in first place of all 13 listed, well-known telecommunications distributors in Germany, gaining the title distributor of the year 2009.
Jobstar 2005 In 2005, Brodos received the “Jobstar” award from the regional marketing association Metropolregion Nürnberg and RTL Fraken Life TV in recognition of its special commitment to creating new jobs.