We from Brodos AG are always working at improving and developing our services and performance. In this way, over the years we have created a very high standard for us and our customers, which we have been successful at retaining. We are regularly mentioned and rewarded in this respect by the specialist press.

Here is a small overview of past awards:

Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2020

As in previous years, we were again honored in the Telecom Handel readers’ poll in 2020. We were on a growth course throughout the year. Not only due to the spectacular acquisition of Stahlgruber Communication Center (SCC), but also due to the hiring of executives such as Katrin Bulla (ex-Eno-Telecom) and Peter Schwinn (ex-Epsilon-Telecom). We achieved fourth place in the retail vote. We stood out in three categories. First place was awarded for support in the areas of service marketing, homepage/social media, and multichannel/web shop/e-commerce.

Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2019

In this year’s Telecom Handel readers’ poll, we were named Best Mobile Communications Distributor Private Customers! This makes us the undisputed number 1! We won the most individual categories of all distributors, reported Roland Bernhard at the Telecom Handel Gala. We were able to position ourselves ahead of all others in a total of seven categories. This is a great success and with the same routine we will again optimize all parameters in the interest of our customers and make them even better next year. With an overall score of 2.16, Brodos was awarded the title of “Best Distributor in the Private Customer Sector” this year. We thus improved from third to first place, displacing last year’s winner in this segment, Eno Telecom, in third place.

Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2018
We also performed well in 2018, climbing further up the rankings with an overall score of 2.33. We beat the competition in five disciplines – one more than in the previous year. For example, Brodos wins in supporting retail partners in service marketing, shop/PoS equipment and the merchandise management/cash register system. And we also cut a particularly good figure in the areas of multichannel/web store and partner program.

Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2017
After all, we prevailed in four categories in 2017 and took first place. This means we won more than any other wholesaler. We showed top performance in supporting retail partners with service marketing, PoS/shop equipment, multichannel/web store, and merchandise management system.

Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2016
This year again, more than 2,500 distributors have voted and evaluated. The winners have now been announced and we are delighted to say that we took home the most important award this year, namely that of “Best Distributor 2016”. It is particularly great that we have done so well with our dealers, especially in this difficult year.
We were able to convince Telecom Handel readers in six categories at once: we were unbeaten in the areas of end-customer marketing (grade 2.30), shop/PoS equipment (2.35), service marketing (2.29), company management (2.76), multichannel/web shop/e-commerce (2.27), and partner program (2.36). We are particularly pleased with the introduction of the new Multichannel/Web Shop/E-Commerce category, which shows that the industry has recognized the importance behind our cross-channel concept. We also scored points in the areas of complaints behavior (2.19), web/social media presence (2.44), repair service and processing (2.22), bonus programs/promotions (2.36), demo/demonstration equipment (3.55) and merchandise management/cash register system (2.33), where we made 2nd place. We came 3rd in personal support (1.98), field service support (2.67) and technical hotline (2.21).

Telecom Handel readers’ poll 2015
More than 2,500 dealers voted and rated this year – more than ever before. We are pleased to say that we were able to celebrate two successes this year: Best Distributor in the Private Customers category with a score of 2.24 and runner-up in the overall victory in the “Best Distributor” category with a score of 2.26. A close decision, as only a razor-thin 0.02 points separated us from first place.We were able to convince readers in no less than five categories in the overall victory of the final reader poll: in the area of merchandise management, checkout or ERP system, support for end customer marketing, shop/PoS equipment, in the bonus programs/promotions category and in the partner program area, we are unbeaten. These are categories that we can be particularly proud of, because they help retailers to remain on a par with the etailers.It is of course very nice for us to see that the networked store is receiving a lot of recognition as the future concept for stationary retail. Roland Bernhard, editor-in-chief of Telecom Handel, praised us as a “particularly visionary company. Our cross-channel initiative is well received by readers and was once again highlighted by Mr. Bernhard in his speech.