Success story of Kiosk continues

The figures prove it: the Kiosk is going down very well with retailers. Approximately 300 are now in use at the PoS, with more being added every day. Feedback from our retailers is further proof that the Kiosk provides valuable support when making sales or providing advice in store. One of the retailers who is using his three Kiosks successfully is Armin Kastner from Mobile X Solutions. Kiosk successful at PoS

The success of our Kiosk systems is continuing to win over store after store. There is no one reason why more and more retailers are deciding on our system. The Kiosk offers numerous advantages for brick and mortar retailers. With it, the shelf in store can be increased many times over and retailers can access a huge product range of over 250,000 products, allowing them to offer customers more unusual products, the likes of which are usually only available online.

The potential has also been realized by Armin Kastner, who has placed a Kiosk in each of his three stores in Baden-Baden and Lahr – with resounding success. Customers very much appreciate it when the Kiosk is used to make sales or provide advice.

kastner‎ “I have ordered the Kiosk for each of my 3 stores, at the same time revamping my business account with Google and my homepage. The Kiosk works, but only if it is actively used during sales talks. As well as the flexible pricing, it is definitely a plus that products can be delivered free of charge to the customer’s home. Now we are trying to get the online shop used by our customers and those living within the vicinity of the store.”
Armin Kastner von Mobile X Solutions.

Picture: The Kiosk integrated in the sale talk.

..and the customers like it.

The new Kiosk allows retailers to gain maximum visibility at the PoS, whilst at the same time enabling them to go online with over 250,000 products. Any retailers who would like to see the Kiosk live can do so at the roadshow in Würzburg on 15 March. Retailer can sign up on our eventpage.