Our Brodos Campus

anfahrt_float_neu We from Brodos are international and work throughout the world: In Baiersdorf in Bavaria, in our capital city Berlin and in the developer’s stronghold  of India. At the very centre of Brodos are of course our employees. They are the reason behind our success and have made us who we are today: A company where each individual can fulfil their true potential and be creative, where being passionate about your work is encouraged!

Come and browse through the following pages to get to know us a little better. Have a look around and meet our colleagues.

Who we are

Brodos is based in the mobile communications sector. Our employees are based in Baiersdorf in Bavaria, as well as in Berlin and India. In Baiersdorf we work in five buildings, distributed throughout the Brodos Campus. This is where the most employees are based, currrently approximately 400, and we are continuing to grow steadily.

The following pages give you some idea of our day to day business.

Our teams at work:

Sales National & International

Our motto is: If our partners are happy, we are happy! We look after our customers around the clock whilst also ensuring that our products are available on the national and international market.

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Customer Services

We are the first port of call for our customers from the specialist retail industry and my-eXtra. They contact us with queries on prices, calculations, invoicing, promotions and the like. We take a lot of calls, but also make a lot of calls ourselves -we do of course also take a more direct approach to selling. Retailers always have their own contact (from a certain size, for MX in all instances) who they can get in touch with.

brodos.net Kiosk Sales Team

Our first priority is continuing to develop and sell the brodos.net kiosk, the brodos.net ERP system and the online shop. The connected store technology provides our retailers with the best tools in order to be able to keep up with or even overtake the fierce competition from the internet in future. Our team of specialists is always on hand to provide our customers with help and advice, supporting them when it comes to implementing the new products.

brodos.net Kiosk System Sales

In brodos.net System Sales we market all connected store products to our national and international partners. We take care of how the partner is strategically placed in the area of cross channel by providing consulting services, whilst also looking after project management through to implementation in the customer’s business. We are in contact with our customers on a daily basis (by phone, email, Skype or in person). Establishing a good relationship to our partners is expecially important for us.

Sales Corporate Customers

In order to win new customers, we provide our retailers with specialists for successful corporate customer marketing. They support the partner from making a professional first approach to drawing up a quotation tailored specifically for the customer in question to ensuring that the order is then fulfilled promptly. In addition, the retailer is provided with in-depth knowledge on how to set up, develop and manage a long-term and successful business with corporate customers.


With us, every cross-channel order is in expert and reliable hands. We fulfill our mission every day with devotion and coordinate all orders from the moment they are received until they are delivered. We are connected directly to all relevant systems to allow us to keep track of all changes and transactions relating to each individual order, and always know what to do. Special cases are recognised early on and solved professionally before queries or problems arise. We work to provide the  perfect shopping experience.


We from support like to surprise customers with the great quality of our service. And if a complaint should be made, we are quick, fair and obliging. Every complaint is a chance for us to optimize our processes.

Product Management

In product management, the departments hardware, cardware, accessories and Marketplace all work hand in hand to decide on the product portfolio, set prices and ensure availability of goods.

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Product Management Hardware

We at Product Management Hardware have in comparison the best purchase prices and highest rates of commission with all central and regional components. Conditions are communicated quickly and clearly. This allows us to create the foundation for a simple and profitable business for our partners.

Product Management Cardware

We are the interface between network operators and our sales teams, negotiate annual targets with network operators and plan budgets for the financial year. Each month we also come up with great device-card promotions, flyers, posters and further measures such as incentives, which allow retailers to make their end customers attractive special offers.

Product Management Accessories

In PM accessories / landline we take care of the relevant product range, consisting of wireless, tablet and landline accessories incl. wearables and smart watches as well as landline devices including routers and network technology. We ensure optimal availability and the best possible pricing for our customers. In the Apple Reseller KAM we take care of Apple premium resellers, authorised Apple retailers and retailers specializing in marketing Apple products. The products mainly distributed to these retailers are the relevant Apple iPhones, iPad and accessories.


We from the Marketplace team ensure that our Marketplace continues to grow and ensure that all products in the kiosk can be experienced in store, offering the best purchase prices and greatest possible degree of availability. The kiosk interface lets users find the products they are interested in intuitively and without any great effort.

Backoffice Purchasing and Hardware

Our backoffice offers all departments and therefore also our business partners the best service. We stand for excellent and innovative support, which is characterized by quality, flexibility and processing individual requests right on time. Do you have any questions about order fulfillment? We are the specialists!

Advertising and Events

This is where it gets creative! We combine advertising, press relations, events, shop planning and channel marketing in one team and are the people our partners turn to when it comes to making the perfect impression.

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In-house Advertising Agency

No matter whether winning new customers, boosting loyalty of existing customers or increasing customer traffic at the PoS, the Brodos in-house advertising agency has the advertising concepts to suit. We provide our retailers with trends in printed advertising and online media. We are the personal and individual advertising agency which adapts to suit your needs.

Graphics Department

We are graphic designers and web designers, who draft and design a huge range of different measures and individual layouts according to the requirements of our customers. Our work usually begins with an idea and ends once everyone is happy with it. Our portfolio stretches from traditional printed advertising such as flyers, posters and magazines, to designing trade fairs and events to new online media such as social media, webpages, newsletters, my-store.TV (digital signage) and a whole lot more besides.

Press Department

Everything which is reported about Brodos comes from our pen. We pack our entire portfolio in exciting stories and new topics. We keep specialist retailers up to date on current developments and news and with our media offer them a plaform they can use to find out about our offers and what is happening in the company. Part of our work naturally also involves the marketing of the “Connected Store”, which is available as a book in store and online.

Event Team

Brodos events are the highlight of the year for us. The mixture of industry gathering, industry-specific talks, news and new products, legendary locations and parties as well as the opportunity to express our appreciation for our partners is simply unique. The “wow” effect and the family spirit are what makes our events a true experience. Each and every guest should feel our passion!

Channel Marketing

Our digital signage solution my-store.TV is as simple as watching TV. With it, we can place advertising directly in our retailers’ stores. We are responsible for selling advertising space, as well as for putting together the programme for the various channels. With my-store.TV mail we work as a dispatch service provider for our retailers, creating and sending newsletters and mailings to their end customers.

Shop Planning

We create shopping experiences with a well thought-out and practical shop-fitting concept which can be customized for all sizes and retail brands. We are the first to implement new trends and optimize each square meter to bring more turnover. Our uppermost aim is for the retailer to be proud of her store!

Software Engineering

Our work pivots around software development. The solutions used in the connected store have all been developed internally and we are continually working to improve them even more. We have been responsible, for example, for developing Agile.

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Application Management

We in application management take care of ensuring that the solutions in the connected store continue to be developed further. We discuss requirements with the operative business and develop new ones. These are then documented, discussed with the development team and looked after during and after the development phase. Application management’s task is to work at continually improving the solutions of the connected store and the other software solutions offered by the Brodos Group.


It is our responsibility to ensure that all employees can work efficiently at all times, with equipment which should be fun to work with. We give a quick, reliable response to any questions or issues brought to our attention. We always communicate in a friendly and straightforward manner. We take the situation faced by our colleagues seriously and find a suitable solution for them.

System Operations

The System Operations department is responsible for operating the software. This includes, for example, providing and selecting hardware and cloud services, monitoring servers and software and checking safety. In addition, we are very closely involved in the agile development process and provide support both as an advisor, e.g. for security matters or when it comes to selecting the correct database, as well as when it comes to installing server and software components and automating processes.

Software Development

We provide optimal solutions for the requirements of our customers quickly and flexibly. We can react promptly to any requested changes and put then implement them accordingly. Our solutions are prepared to deal with growing requirements for performance and always perform, are free from errors and are secure.


We have a passion for logistics. Every day, 170 employees give everything to ensure that all orders can be delivered the very next morning. This means fighting until late into the night. And if our retailers have special requests – we can dispatch goods on behalf of the customer, pack goods in blister packaging, provide IMEI’s, download apps, help with repairs and a whole lot more besides. Our customers should be given all possible support in order for them to be able to sell successfully.

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Operative Logistics

We in the operative logistics department ensure that goods are available and dispatched as quickly as possible. Every day we give everything to ensure our customers receive their ordered goods the very next morning. Our focus is on an optimal logistics chain. Hand in hand and with passion for what we do we implement customer requirements, even those which do not fit in the standard pattern. We simply offer a better package.


In after-sales we process all the steps which have to be followed once an item is purchased. Returns and guarantee claims are processed by our specialist teams in close consultation with product managers, manufacturers and service centers. With the help of Repair24 – our in-house repair service hotline – the procedure a customer has to follow before receiving a repaired device is made considerably shorter.


We in the warehouse backoffice free up the operative logistics and after-sales teams, allowing them to ensure that their deliveries are dispatched or processed as quickly as possible. We are the interface for all internal and external matters.

Catalogue Management & Maintenance

In Baiersdorf we are responsible for managing and developing catalogue packages. India is responsible for the operative administration of product, offer and price data. Our services include product data & creating data, researching & calculating prices (StoreShip price), structuring the catalogue for brodos.net, kiosk and online shop, providing a technical hotline and giving feedback on product data. We are responsible for all products from Brodos product management, ContentCard, Marketplace and system distribution.


We are the organizational unit of Brodos. For us, everything revolves around figures. We are responsible for calculating commission and goods on consignment. Our in-house rating and credit limit can be extended in individual instances by paying a small deposit. This allows retailers to manage their liquidity themselves, with greater transparency.

Human Resources

We find the best employees quickly and efficiently, making our choice on the basis of our company values and the personal skills of the applicant. Our friendly team supports and accompanys new employees with an open ear and a helping hand until they are fully integrated. We promote and develop possibilities for our employees to develop personal and vocational skills, with the aim of keeping employees loyal to the company in the long-term.


Content Card

The ContentCard DACH team is made up of backoffice, product management and sales. We are responsible for selling digital products. Depending on the area in question, we take care of finding new customers and products, looking after customers here and on location, purchasing, maintaining system data, printing and producing POSA and SIM cards, reporting for / to customers, inventory planning for physical and virtual products and organising rollouts. Whenever these tasks involve more than one area, we work competently and reliably hand in hand to meet our goals.

Company values

Our company values are extremely important for us. These include, for example, that we make it possible for our employees to take on responsibility for themselves, working independently and enjoying a free rein. We are also strong advocats of open and honest communication, a positive team and family spirit, creativity and a laid-back working environment. This is all reflected in our 10 company values.

core values

Our meeting area:

It is important for us that our employees and our customers feel at home with us. For this reason, we have created a meeting area over nearly 300 m² which offers a lot of space for thinking and working in its bright sunlit rooms. Click through our picture gallery to see our premises….

Meetingroom Garden Meetingroom Bibliothek Meetingroom Bibliothek Meetingroom Atelier Meetingroom Studio Meetingroom Bibliothek

Meetingroom Loft Concept Store Meetingroom Cloud Roomfinder Meetingroom Studio Meetingroom Bibliothek


Passion, teamwork, fun at work and above all your success are our first priority. We work together at your career and give you the scope to grow and develop with us Internal courses and regular performance reviews offer you opportunities for promotion, and we work together with you to work out what tasks would interest you and find out how we can promote your career.

We offer flat hierarchies and the opportunity to work in an innovative and highly modern market. Become part of our team and apply now!

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