ContentCard cooperating with largest shopping center in North Germany

Our newest cooperation partner is CITTI from North Germany, whose slogan translates as “the market for the love of life”. With five stores in attractive locations in Flensburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Stralsund and Rostock, CITTI generates annual turnover running into hundreds of millions of euros. With over 10,000 visitors per day and an area of 12,000 square meters, CITTI is the largest market of its kind in North Germany. Each market is integrated into its own shopping mall (35,000 m², up to 100 tenants). As of July 2016, our digital products such as iTunes and Playstation will be offered for sale via CITTI to private consumers and bulk buyers.

Image: CITTI Markt – one of the largest markets in Germany.

ContentCard gains another new business partner

A further significant benefit for us: CITTI does not only offer business customers products in store, it also provides a home delivery service. On, customers can arrange for CITTI to do their shopping for them and then choose whether to pick up their purchases in store or have them delivered directly to their home address.

Image: More than 80,000 products are on offer in CITTI.

CITTI big on marketing

CITTI is also very active in the important areas of advertising and services, which naturally also benefits us. They offer a weekly 16 page leaflet with a circulation of 400,000 to 600,000 copies, a weekly newsletter with special offers, their own TV channel in each store in the entire CITTI Park shopping mall and two online shops, one for business customers and one for private customers. This naturally means that target groups which would not normally be reached can be accessed.

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