Brodos ends 2016 with successful business in the run up to Christmas

Business at specialist retailers has picked up considerably in the second half of the year. Our distribution partners in particular enjoyed disproporionate success compared to the rest of the market. This was certainly due in part to various promotions and incentives with our strategic partners from the industry. In general, it is safe to say that in our opinion, specialist retailers in the wireless sector are in a strong and stable position. The concept of the connected store has certainly helped as well. It is in particular those retailers who have a wide-ranging presence over all channels who are successful.

Good turnover in the run up to Christmas

The last few weeks before the new year is the time with the greatest turnover for brick and mortar retail. The year 2016 got off to a rather poor start, but business has been picking up since July, and both October and the current month have been very successful for Brodos.

Image: The run up to Christmas is a very busy time of year for brick and mortar retailers.

The highlight products in the Advent period for our specialist retailers in the open market smartphones sector were the Coolpad Porto S, the CAT S60, the Sony Xperia E5 and the iPhone 7, for network operator products the Huawei P9 lite and the Samsung Galaxy S7, and when it comes to accessories our exclusive brands reboon and BeHello.

Marketplace sales also increased by more than 20 percent in November and the current month. After being able to gain new, strong suppliers and launching more than 3000 kiosk systems and online shops, in December we expect to gain our best results since the launch of the Marketplace!

A very warm thanks to all our partners

Together with our cooperation partners as well as our partners from industry and the retail sector we have achieved a lot this year. A special thanks therefore goes out to our customers. Together with them we were able to enjoy an extremely successful 2016 and are already looking forward to working together next year.