Website relaunch for Brodos shop concept
Daniel Fischer

Website relaunch for Brodos shop concept

The large volume of orders we received last year is proof of how well our store concept has been received by retailers. Not only that, but also the Telecom Handel readers’ poll, in which we once more won first place in the category PoS and shop fittings. Retailers who would like to find out more about our shop concept can browse through our newly revamped connected store website.

Shop concept with a new website

Our new connected store website gives retailers a much better overview of the Brodos shop concept. From now on, as well as browsing through our brochure they can also find out about the concept and place orders online.

Furniture in the connected store

Our concept consists of the three main categories furniture, technology and planning. Retailers can find a clear and detailed product description for each piece of furniture, with pictures. The shop fitting concept of the connected store stands out from other concepts not only thanks to its minimalist design, but in particular thanks to its functionality and flexibility. All furniture is built on a modular system, making it easy to add to the shop fittings at any time. There is no need for construction work or large investments. The furniture is fitted out with the latest sales and LED technology.

Technology in the connected store

The technology in the connected store is important for connecting online and offline, allowing brick and mortar retail to keep up with e-commerce. Using the technology we offer, retailers can offer a huge product range like that offered by the online competition, whilst giving customers a shopping experience the likes of which cannot be found online. Thanks to technology, brick and mortar retailers can bring the benefits of online shopping to their store, offering customers the best of both worlds, and by extension the best shopping experience.

Planning of the connected store

The concept of the connected store is an overall concept. We offer a turnkey shop concept, from the first consultation to a professional 3D visualization to the actual implementation. Our mix and match furniture programme can be adjusted to suit various stores, offering flexible solutions to meet all needs. The aim is to create an atmosphere in the store which encourages sales and where both customers and employees feel at home.

Connecting online and offline

At present, many brick and mortar retailers are faced with the problem that they cannot offer the advantages of e-commerce in their store. Thanks to the connected store, it is now possible to combine the strengths of offline and online, creating an improved shopping experience for end customers. The kiosk systems installed in the connected store allow a huge online range of products to be accessed. Even merchandise which is not available in store can be sold, at a price which can compete with those offered on the internet. Current advertisements and offers are clearly displayed where customers can see them and updated automatically on a daily basis.

Retailers who are interested in the shop concept are very welcome to have a look at our new shop concept website.

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