The latest trend – the connected dog!
Raimund Veit

The latest trend – the connected dog!

The Yepzon GPS tracker is already taking the US by storm! We are now bringing Yepzon to Germany, and even your dog can be connected. The new GPS transmitter Yepzon finds everything which is dear to you – right when you need it.

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The GPS tracker from our Finnish partner Yepzon is already a huge trend, particularly in the US, but also in the Nordic countries. In the US, Yepzon has even made it onto a TV commercial. Now we are bringing the popular GPS tracker to Germany. Retailers can purchase the device from us probably in autumn.

Yepzon is a user-friendly, portable tracking device You can use it to track people, animals and objects via your iPhone, connecting everything which is near and dear to you.

Yepzon GPS Tracker

Image: Yepzon protects everything which is important to you.

How does it work?

First of all, the Yepzon app has to be downloaded onto your iPhone and the tracking function activated. A name can then be selected for the Yepzon device and tracking can be started. Yepzon is reliable and robust. The small, compact device is waterproof, can be attached to anything and epitomizes timeless Scandinavian design.

Hund mit Yepzon GPS Tracker

Image: Yepzon can even find your dog…

Mit Yepzon lässt sich auch der Nachwuchs wiederfinden

Image: … and everyone dear to you.

The small, compact GPS locator is very easy to use. However, the long battery life and maximum data security mean that the GPS tracker Yepzon offers an absolutely reliable and smart solution.

The rechargeable battery has a life of several weeks or even months The GPS transmitter is usually in sleep mode, and is only activated when it is on the move, as detected by the device itself. You choose how often location data is updated in the Yepzon cloud service. Yepzon also offers the option of switching off the GPS locator in the app if you would rather not use it for a while. The Yepzon tracker indicates in good time when it needs to be recharged.

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