Ten years of support for Hemalata
Daniel Fischer

Ten years of support for Hemalata

In today’s hectic lifestyle, Christmas is a time to draw a breath, a time to do a good deed and help others. There is a great deal of suffering throughout the world and in the poorer parts of the world in particular many people are not in a position to make a living all on their own. This is the case for the children from the Hemalata orphanages in India, who we have been supporting for 10 years now.

Aid for Hemalata

This is the tenth year that we have sent a donation to the children in the Hemalata orphanages in Chennai in India, helping improve their chances for a better life. The donation is always very gladly received, as there is just so much to do. Irmgard and Dieter Castelhun from Oberfranken in South Germany are particularly active in helping the children, and have taken it upon themselves to improve the situation of the orphans. Thanks to the head of the institution, Ms. Hemalata, and the Castelhuns more than 300 children have since found somewhere to live.

Caption: At breakfast in the morning.

Caption: The first meal of the day.

Caption: The children get a lot of toys from Germany.

However, the children can only have a future if they are able to find work later on. In the Hemalata orphanages the children are cared for all day long, go to day care, schools or apprentice workshops and are allowed to stay in the homes until they have completed their training.

Captions: Working on the computer.

Thanks to generous donations from Germany, many improvements have been able to be made over the years. A new house has been bought in Madras and a second storey added to it in 2017. Financing has also been provided for the required buildings, facilities and additional employees for looking after the children.

Caption: The children have their hair brushed and are looked after before school.

Caption: The children are pleased about every present they get.

Slow progress

However, there are still a lot of hurdles to take. There is not much demand for the basic courses offered twice a year. The young people are desperate to start the courses for skilled workers running over two years as only these guarantee well-paid jobs in the industrial and craft sectors. There are long waiting lists as the centralised government in Delhi obviously underestimated the flood of applications for setting up an ITI (Industrial Training Institute).

This also affects the Hemalata orphanages, as they have been waiting several months for approval for setting up their ITI. Nevertheless, the standard of living of the 300 children has still been improved. The next large investment is to buy a van for the Zion Home to transport the children to school and shopping from the supermarket.

Caption: Breakfast in school uniform.

We hope that our special Christmas greetings will help the Hemalata orphanages continue to receive the help they so desperately need. Anyone who would like to make a donation to the orphanages can find information on the account for donations here. Further information is also available at www.hemalata-waisenhaeuser.de.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and all the very best for the new year!

Account for donations:
Hemalata Waisenhäuser
Sparkasse Forchheim
Account no: 57 59 48 5
Bank sort code: 763 510 40

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