Telecom Handel readers’ poll: Brodos wins first place in shop planning once again!
Anja Brokelmann

Telecom Handel readers’ poll: Brodos wins first place in shop planning once again!

The fact that our shop concept has been well received is shown by the latest Telecom Handel readers’ poll, in which we won the first place in the category PoS/shop fittings for the fourth time in a row. A wonderful compliment which shows that our shop team is doing a really good job.

Telecom Handel: Brodos is the winner for shop planning

The result of the Telecom Handel readers’ poll was unequivocal. The retailers have cast their vote – and our shop fitting concept has won first place. With a mark of 2.39 (graded according to the German school system, where 1 is the highest possible grade, and 6 the lowest), we won the category shop / PoS fittings for the fourth time in a row, leaving the competition far behind.

Brodos shop concept growing

More and more retailers are choosing to use our furniture concept. A total of 92 stores in Germany have now been fitted out with our shop concept, and more are coming every week. The decisive factor which convinces so many retailers is our overall concept, which applies across the board and offers genuine cross channel retailing. Our  teams work around the clock to ensure that the service tools are continually improved. As well as the furniture concept, which is constantly being updated, our team also works to make the online shop and the other tools we offer even better.

Mike Günsch from Mobile Store is one of our retailers who has already fitted out his 4th store in Schwanewede with our shop concept.

„I didn’t like the chaotic furniture concepts offered by the individual network operators. Your store quickly looked like a shop in shop kiosk, without any clear concept. Each individual furniture concept offered by the networks was good as a standalone solution, but not together in a store which wanted to offer customers neutral advice. Your white furniture range came at just the right time. It is timeless and offers a competent background for our daily work. The my-Store TV’s also contribute to a lively atmosphere in the stores. Another aspect I really like is that your hard-working professional team is always there with advice and support, from planning a new location, to providing 3D software, to actually fitting out the store with the new furniture. Thank you!”

Mike Günsch from Mobile Store in Hude.

 André Zimmermann from handy mv was one of the very first retailers to implement our shop concept.  In the meantime, André has fitted out 13 stores with our furniture. The shop in Rheinsberg was fitted out in 2014, the very year the connected store concept was launched.
„The concept of the connected store is very well thought out and offers much more than just furniture. Everything is taken into consideration, from the alarm system to displays for accessories. And whenever we came up against a challenge, the team at Brodos were always able to come up with a solution, for each and every one of our 13 stores.”

André Zimmermann from handy mv.

Training courses on the concept

Retailers who are interested in the connected store and the shop concept can register for our retailers’ conventions to find out more. The next sessions are planned for 20 and 21 February 2018 and 21 and 22 March in Baiersdorf. Further training courses will be announced on our event website.

Further information about our shop concept is also available on the connected store website.

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