Surprising! According to a recent survey, Germans prefer to do their Christmas shopping in store
Frank Luettjohann

Surprising! According to a recent survey, Germans prefer to do their Christmas shopping in store

According to a representative survey conducted by the consulting company EY, Germans prefer to buy their Christmas presents in the traditional way, in store. Thanks to the connected store, end customers can benefit in store not only from the advantages offered at the PoS but also from those offered by the Internet, namely a huge choice, reasonable prices and high availability.

Germans like to go shopping

According to a survey conducted by the consulting company EY, Germans still prefer to buy gifts in store rather than online. More than two thirds of those asked stated that they preferred to buy gifts traditionally from a specialist retailer or department store. Only one in eight preferred buying online. However, that was certainly not true across the board: young consumers aged 35 or under were much more likely to save themselves the hassle of going shopping in the crowded town centres and choose to shop online instead.

Caption: Germans like to go shopping during the festive season.In the medium-term, the consultants expect there to be a “noticeable shift towards shopping online”, even if you just consider demographic trends for the future.

Most consumers believe that shopping in the town allows them to get a better feel for the goods, which they can then take home straightaway. Stores can also score by offering good advice. When it comes to online shopping, customers appreciate above all the ability to place orders at any time of the day and night, and the wide choice which is available.

Connected store connects online and offline

This is exactly where the connected store comes into play, as it connects online and offline, offering the advantages of both. With the kiosk, retailers can offer a huge product range in their local store, multiplying the shelf space they have available. Their customers can access the wide selection and place an order directly at the PoS.

Another advantage retailers can offer their customers is the option to place orders around the clock thanks to the online shop. It displays the retailer’s PoS online, letting customers order the product they want even at the weekend or on public holidays, and arrange for it to be sent to their home or to the store.

Caption: With the online shop you can shop from the convenience of your own home or when you are out and about.

With the StoreShip price, retailers also have the option of offering their customers the cheapest price available on the internet. The StoreShip price analyses pricing trends for all products listed in the product catalogue, whilst also offering manufacturers feedback on their own products. Manufacturers can respond faster to price fluctuations or rapid price drops. This makes it possible for brick and mortar retailers to offer the best purchase price. If the retailer also offers good service and advice, they can become a real local hero in their region.

More information about the survey here.

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