Renewed appreciation of brick and mortar retail
Udo Latino

Renewed appreciation of brick and mortar retail

Brick and mortar retail is facing massive changes. Consumer behaviour is changing and we are all buying more and more online. Retailers, in particular those with small or medium-sized businesses, are feeling the pressure and retail associations are sounding the alarm. That said, we shouldn’t expect the PoS to disappear altogether. On the contrary: a renewed appreciation of the PoS is becoming apparent…

Why online?

The reasons why customers buy online lie in the channel-specific advantages of the online shop. Basically, these are the infinitely wide choice of products and various options and the simple, rapid availability of popular products at a fair, if not even the best possible price. Customers are not motivated to order on the internet out of malicious disloyalty towards their local retailer, but rather by pragmatic advantages enjoyed by end customers when ordering online.

Combining channel-specific advantages in the ‘Connected Store’

The connected store is a solution which works, making online shopping a regional affair and letting customers benefit from the combination of both channels. Purely e-commerce providers will never be able to replace the personal service and multisensory shopping experience at the PoS. Thanks to the virtual shelf, successful retailers can offer niche products and marginal goods as well as stocking their core product range. They must be careful not to focus entirely on traditional customers to their store, ensuring instead that they and the products they offer are visible online, accepting orders and guaranteeing smooth delivery.

software applications with catalogue data, processes and intelligent marketing. The connected store works as follows:

Thanks to the large product database retailers can offer far more products for sale than are available in stock in store. End customers can use the kiosk in store to select exactly the product they want and have it delivered to store or to the convenience of their own home.

Another essential component in the connected store alongside the kiosk in store is the online shop. This displays the local store (including the kiosk) on the internet, allowing end customers to shop with their trusted local retailer from the comfort of their own home, ordering the product they want and having it delivered to the store or their home address.

Whether in store at the PoS (kiosk & my-store.TV) or online (shop and e-mail newsletter), customers also benefit from promotions, bundles, discounts and new products, kept up to date in real time by

Customers can expect prompt and smooth delivery of their orders at all times. Within the Brodos Group, the StoreShip team ensures that quality, speed, efficient processes and costs are organized centrally.

Ultimately, customers benefit from a smooth shopping experience and retailers from increased turnover!

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