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One year trans-o-flex – Satisfied dealers and good figures

A year ago, we expanded our delivery options and found a reliable partner in the transport service provider trans-o-flex, with whom we successfully cooperate. He gives us the opportunity to offer our dealers a Next Day delivery with money-back guarantee (powered by trans-o-Flex).

What was initially advertised as a big promise has now more than proven its worth in everyday life. Day after day, trans-o -flex shows once again why they are specialists in fast and high-quality transport logistics.

Minimal loss ratio

The figures of the last months prove how well the cooperation with trans-of-flex works and how great the performance of the transport service provider is. A Next Day ratio of 98.39 percent and a loss ratio of 0.0005 percent speak volumes.

For our customers, this means that their goods are in the best of hands even after they have been shipped and they can pursue their core business with peace of mind.

We attach great importance to the quality of our services and trans-o-flex embodies our quality standards 100 percent.

“trans-o-flex is very reliable, they adhere to 95 percent of the agreement to deliver it the next day. I’ve had no problems so far!
The drivers are very friendly and mostly the same person comes. I am completely satisfied.”

Taylan Ceylan from Vodafone Shop in Selb.

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