Omnichannel – available for booking
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Omnichannel – available for booking

Brick and mortar retail affects us all. Whether as a buyer or a seller, as a retailer or service provider. And whilst e-commerce and pure players continue to advance, retailers have no choice but to beat the apparently superior opponent with its own weapons by not only offering their expertise at the PoS but learning to exploit the online channel professionally as well. For individual shopkeepers the greatest hurdles to date have been a lack of IT expertise and financial strength. This is exactly where comes into play, making omnichannel bookable and affordable.

E-commerce a force to be reckoned with in the battle of the channels

Five years ago you might have been forgiven for thinking that brick and mortar retail was heading for extinction and soon to disappear from the retail landscape. At least if you believed reports at that time from the media in the branch.

The main indicator for this prognosis was the rapid increase in turnover in the e-commerce sector and the resulting shift in the balance of power between the real and the virtual world. According to statistics gathered between 2013 and 2017, brick and mortar retail suffered a 10 percent fall in turnover. On the other hand, turnover in e-commerce has been steadily growing at an annual rate of more than 10 percent since 2005.

Brick and mortar retail striking back

Now, however, we know: Brick and mortar retail is not dead. Quite the contrary, in times of increasing digitalisation personal interaction is becoming increasingly important.  BUT: The renaissance of the PoS can only succeed if local retailers shake off their reluctance to use e-commerce, and serve customers over all shopping channels. offers all shopkeepers an easily integrated ommnichannel solution: the connected store.

 picture: The concept of the connected store as shown by a telecommunications retailer.

Excellent individually, unique in combination

The tools of the connected store can be booked for as little as 69 euros a month – depending on what is needed and what makes sense. No matter which package you choose, the central aspect is always personal service and professional in-store advice. The connected store is designed to fit in with the existing infrastructure. The goal: Making online shopping ( online shop) a regional affair in future and turning the retailer into a local hero thanks to the extended digital shelf ( kiosk) with over 250,000 products ( catalogs) and mobile shopping solutions ( kiosk app) and instore TV (my-store.TV).

picture: The tools. services encompass order fulfilment, processing and delivery, as well as real time tracking of online prices. Easy to integrate and simple to use, they are the perfect component of a tailored omnichannel solution.

picture: Order fulfilment with more than 30 shipping providers. is the reliable connection between manufacturers, suppliers, local retailers and customers. Customers are free to choose which option suits them most: Buy online and have goods delivered to their home, order online and pay in store or buy in store and have goods delivered to their home. omnichannel – for satisfied customers and increased turnover!








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