New study: 70 percent of retailers fear Amazon
Frank Luettjohann

New study: 70 percent of retailers fear Amazon

At the latest with the arrival of Amazon, retailers realised that the competition never rests. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of marketing decision makers from the retail sector have since recognised Amazon as a serious competitor, and realised that the only way to stand up to Amazon is with a digitalisation strategy of their own.

The right strategy

Online (38 percent), multi-channel (25 percent) and brick and mortar retailers (37 percent) from all sectors took part in the survey. The results: 70 percent of those questioned from the retail sector see the global online retailer as a major competitor, or even their main competitor, either now or in the future. Only a few are willing to just accept it without doing anything. 75 percent of decision makers think that they already have the right strategy to remain competitive vis-à-vis Amazon. When it comes to ideas and concepts for digitalisation in brick and mortar and omnichannel retail, however, it is a quite different story. 40 percent of those questioned admitted that they do not have any strategy for digitalising their stores.

Factors for success

In reply to the question which factors for success are needed to wage battle against Amazon, those questioned mentioned above all the intention to focus on the regional aspects of their products (46 percent). Offering special services (44 percent) is important, as is strengthening own brands (34 percent). For 33 percent, the correct content marketing was the main competitive factor for gaining new customers, boost customer loyalty and generate attention. Simply communicating the item and the price is not enough for them (link to the study).

Cross channel with the connected store

In order to stand up to the competition from the Internet in the long term, a solution which works in the long term is needed. That is why we have developed the connected store, which kits brick and mortar retailers out with the necessary tools. With the kiosk, retailers have the possibility to extend their product range to more than 250,000 products. The customers can choose the product they want in the store, select it and order it for delivery either to their home or to the store. The online shop offers end customers the option of browsing through the products offered by the retailer online as well. Customers can order goods on public holidays and at the weekend and have them delivered either to their home or to the store.

As well as the kiosk and the online shop, we also offer our retailers further tools such as for example e-mail marketing, my-store.TV, an ERP system as well as product catalogues covering several different sectors which save retailers the bother of entering their articles. If in addition to the connected store retailers can also offer good service and advice, they can score with their customers and become a local hero, who can hold their own against the competition from the Internet in the long term.

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