New customer loyalty programme for increasing numbers of regular customers at PoS
Daniel Fischer

New customer loyalty programme for increasing numbers of regular customers at PoS

With our new customer loyalty programme, retailers can improve their communication with customers, turning them into regular customers.

New customer loyalty programme

If retailers want to boost customer loyalty in the long term, they have to find a way to keep their customers informed about promotions and special offers. But how can customers and retailers communicate if the retailer doesn’t have the customers’ data? We have developed an individual customer loyalty programme to make returning customers into loyal regular customers.

How does it work?

The customer loyalty starter set includes a counter-top display, 500 individually designed registration cards (including layout) and 20 gift-wrapped birthday gifts for end customers. All customers need to do is fill in their contact details on the card in store. The set also includes written instructions explaining how the programme works. We give the retailers suggestions for what they can include on the registration cards and offer their customers. It goes without saying, however, that they decide themselves on what to offer and what not.

The options retailers can offer their end customers include:

  • The convenience of ordering online and having the required product delivered to the store. Customers are then free to decide whether or not to purchase the item.
  • Personal advice in store, before and even after making the purchase.
  • Testing new products live in store.
  • Exclusive tariff optimzation, tailored to the customer’s needs.

Benefits for retailers and end customers

Taking part in the programme offers our retailers a number of benefits. With the customers loyalty programme they have the opportunity:

  • To considerably increase the frequency that customers visit the store and boost customer loyalty, as the advantages for end customers included in the set, for example birthday presents, are automatically connected to a visit to the store.
  • Especially in these times of stricter data protection regulations, the customer loyalty programme is the ideal solution, as all the retailer has to do is scan the card filled in by the customer using a code. The data then ends up in the retailer’s database, keeping the retailer on the safe side when it comes to legal issues.
  • To incorporate customers in end customer marketing, keeping them informed about promotions and special offers.

End customers naurally also benefit from our customer loyalty programme. Every customer who registers:

  • Receives a personal gift on their birthday which they can pick up in store.
  • As mentioned above, they can make the most of a number of other offers for registered customers.

Retailers can now order the regular customers’ set for 129 euros using the online order form, in or by giving their contact at Brodos a ring.

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