New concept: Trends has highest circulation since launch!
Daniel Fischer

New concept: Trends has highest circulation since launch!

The revamped Trends magazine has been very well received. As well as its individual design, what retailers most appreciate is that it can be integrated into sales talks at the PoS, boosting sales as a result.

New Trends well received

The new Trends magazine has been well received by our entrepreneurs and their customers. The relaunched magazine gives retailers the option of integrating the Trends into sales talks, boosting sales as a result. In the interests of focussing more on what retailers and their customers are actually interested in and going into these topics in more detail, we have decided to do without the editorial, replacing it instead with new categories aimed at the respective target groups.

The new categories include lifestyle, high end, landline, business, Internet & smarthome, outdoor and allrounder. The services section and the accessories guide have been expanded to cover two double pages and an additional special for high-end products from the manufacturers has been included.

Image: The new Trends magazine caters to the retailers’ various target groups.

Image: One of the new additions is the accessories guide, listing important features and giving the retailer’s own prices.

As both the cover and the back page can be customised, retailers can generate more interest by advertising their store with pictures of their team or shop.

Image: Both the cover and the back page can be customised using pictures and links.

The individual pages also offer space for advertising the Kiosk and the online shop, bringing them to the reader’s attention.

Image: References to the Kiosk and online shop are included throughout the magazine.

Additional double pages for manufacturers to advertise their high-end products have also been included, and retailers can add their own individual prices. Important features of the devices and RRP’s are also listed.

Image: Entrepreneurs can enter their own prices on the manufacturers’ pages.

The new Trends magazine also offers our retailers extra pages about our services, which are listed individually and described in detail.

Image: Retailers can use cards to offer their customers the individual services in store.

To help close sales more effectively, retailers can now also use the Trends for pencil selling, using the tariff check section. With pencil selling, sales staff and customers “work out” the best possible tariff or the best individual offer together and write everything down step by step in the magazine. The customer can then take the magazine home and look back over it to have an overview of what was discussed.

Image: The tariff check offers plenty of room for notes.

Positive feedback from entrepreneurs

One of the retailers who recognise and appreciate the advantages of our new Trends magazine is Stephan Cordes-Kallenberger from my-eXtra Visselhövede.

“The new Trends magazine is just great! We use it all the time when we’re talking to potential customers and the customers really appreciate the fact that they can go back and check the offer later.”

Stephan Cordes-Kallenberger from my-eXtra Visselhövede

Click here to browse the Trends magazine online.

The new magazine is issued regularly every four months. Further information is of course also available at or from our in-house advertising agency on 00 49 9133 7770 4344. With the new Trends magazine, retailers have the option of not only positioning themselves as experts in their region, but also integrating the Trends magazine into talks with customers as a tool to boost sales.

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