ePIN Seller boosts sales!
Felix Dingermann

ePIN Seller boosts sales!

The ePIN Seller has been very well received by specialist retailers. Stefan Niedermaier from Elektro Niedermaier in Rottach-Egern has been using our app successfully, and his sales have increased dramatically over the last six months as a result.

ePIN Seller scores with specialist retailers

Stefan Niedermaier from Elektro Niedermaier in Rottach-Egern is already using the ePIN Seller app very successfully. In the last six months alone he has generated turnover of over ten thousand euros. His most successful products are the direct top-up products from Telekom (“Cash & Go”), where accounts are topped up directly with credit.

In the past, Elektro Niedermaier used a combined solution of EC/payment terminal and a cash card function. Trends in the sector soon made the limitations of this solution clear, particularly when it came to the limited selection of products available.

Caption: Stefan Niedermaier is successfully using the ePIN Seller.

Stefan Niedermaier particularly appreciates the flexibility offered by the app, he is not bound to his cashdesk, it is extremely user friendly and very quick as well. That apart, the ePIN Seller app allows retailers to access a constantly growing catalogue with more than 4,000 virtual items.

“Thanks to its flexibility and the positive feedback we have had from customers, I can definitely say that using the ePIN Seller app at the PoS was the right decision. Since it was introduced at the beginning of August, more than 250 transactions have been processed on two Android end devices. For me, the ePIN Seller is the best way to sell virtual products at the PoS.”

Stefan Niedermaier, Elektro Niedermaier Rottach-Egern

ePIN Seller helps retailers at the PoS

The ePIN Seller gives companies the option of selling digital products easily and directly in store just using a smartphone. All retailers need to do is install the app on their Android device and then register with a Content Card distributor via our website. Whenever the end customer approaches a salesperson in store looking for a particular product, it is very straightforward for the salesperson to sell the product using the ePIN Seller app. The app is no longer just available for Android end devices in the Playstore, but also for iOS in the iTunes app store.

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