Digitization impulses at brodos.net Omnichannel Barcamp
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Digitization impulses at brodos.net Omnichannel Barcamp

On 21th February 2019, we surprised our guests with a new event format on the subject of digitisation in retail. While conventional lecture events have speakers and an audience, Barcamps have only participants. The exchange in Baiersdorf therefore took place at eye level and was a gain in perspectives for all participants.

Exciting work sessions and intensive exchanges

Instead of listening passively to boring lectures, our guests were able to participate in exciting work sessions on the subject of Omnmichannel. The groups were moderated by experts from the world of the Omnichannel, but with the peculiarity that also these like all other “only” participants and the sessions were absolutely open at the end.

The circle of invited guests was deliberately kept very heterogeneous. We were able to welcome existing customers as well as interested parties from different industries. Representatives from industry and commerce, associations, city marketing and other multipliers were also among the participants.

In detail, four parallel work sessions were held on the following topics:

1) The extended shop shelf in the kiosk system,

2) Online shop and internet pricing

3) B2B Marketplace and Digital Sector Catalogues as well as

4) Digital marketing and content generation

Each participant went through the individual working groups and actively shaped the group experience using the circuit training principle. The Omnichannel topic could thus be experienced from a variety of perspectives, the participants could report on their own experiences and discuss new approaches to solutions.

At the end, all participants met again in a large group and the experiences and findings were collected. The focus was also on the meaningful combination of all sub-themes considered for a functioning Omnichannel system in retail.

In the end, the feedback from the guests was consistently positive – also because each of the participants was able to take something home with them thanks to the intensive exchange and the many perspectives.

We are already looking forward to the next brodos.net Barcamp in 2019.

Feedback from participants

“I liked the mixed format: Network operators, associations, trading at one table, everyone learned from each other. For the next round I would still like to see the changing composition of the groups!”

Harald Schuster, Der Landfunk

“With the Barcamp, Brodos has put together a great event – uncomplicated, direct, with exciting topics and interesting discussion partners. In around four hours, the format provided the perfect setting for an intensive exchange with other industry participants, whether dealers, manufacturer representatives or employees of network operators. I took a lot of new ideas with me and am looking forward to the next event.”

Christopher Bertele, Head of Smart Home, Accessories & Audio at Telecom Handel

More information about the Barcamp and many impressions can be found on our Omnichannel Barcamp website.

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