Cross channel booming: On average, we are opening one new connected store every week
Frank Luettjohann

Cross channel booming: On average, we are opening one new connected store every week

Cross channel has now been accepted wholeheartedly by our retailers, as is also shown by the figures. On average we are opening one new connected store every week and the numbers are rising day by day. Ralf Greulich from my-eXtra Ansbach and Dariusch Pasdar from Telekom Partner Shop in Glinde are two of our retailers who are convinced by the concept of the connected store . They have decided to join forces and open a connected store in Glinde.

Cross channel concept works!

Cross channel has arrived in brick and mortar retail. More and more retailers are deciding to open a connected store. Ralf Greulich from my-eXtra Ansbach and Dariusch Pasdar  Telekom Partner Shop Glinde are just two of them. The entrepreneurs know each other from trainings as well as a various Brodos incentives and have now taken the decision to merge their experience and open a joint shop in Glinde.



 “The concept works! Used in connection with it has always been  coherent, but now the connected store concept has been introduced it is quite simply unbeatable. A good team in the back office and great promotions with high margins round it all off. We are very happy, and we saw no other alternative.”




Ralf Greulich and Dariusch Pasdar from the Telefonladen Glinde.

A connected store offers a number of advantages vis à vis a traditional store. In addition to the kiosk in store, the online shop on the internet and the Marketplace with connected catalogue there is also a complete furniture concept including the digital signage solution my-store.TV.

It is the overall concept which convinces so many retailers, as everything is interconnected and offers genuine cross channel. Our  teams take care to ensure that the service tools are continually improved. The furniture concept has just been given an update and the price list for the online shop has also been completely revised.

Image: Ralf and Dariusch’s new store in Gilde is completely connected and combines all network providers.

Solution for brick and mortar retail

The connected store is not only attractive, its cross channel tools also make it an ideal selling tool for brick and mortar retail. The Kiosk  can be used as a  virtual shelf at  the PoS, extending the shop shelf with over 250,000 products. This allows local retailers to access an enormous product range including products which are less in demand.

The online shop connects the brick and mortar store to the internet, showcasing the products which the retailer also offers in store. This allows end customers to shop from the convenience of their own home, at any time and for  reasonable prices comparable to those found online. If the retailer offers good service and advice over and above this, then she is in the perfect position to come out as the winner in the battle of the channels.

Interested retailers can contact Kerstin Hengerer at 00 49 9133-7770 4426, by email ( or using the contact form.

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