CES: About robots who play table tennis, do the housework or simply look cute
Stefan Vitzithum

CES: About robots who play table tennis, do the housework or simply look cute

The technology branch kicked off the trade fair season this year with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), showcasing the technology trends to be expected in the near future.  Approximately 3,900 exhibitors from more than 150 countries presented the latest innovations to approximately 180,000 visitors from the trade. We were there, to find out about the latest technolgy products available on the market.

Numerous new products and innovations

Smart home was one of the most important trends again this year, with a number of surprising new products. There were great solutions covering all needs. More than 100 start ups presented exciting innovative technical ideas.

One of the highlights was definitely the topic of voice-activated assistants. The large technology concerns vyed for the users’ attention. The most positive impression was made by Google, with its Assistant “Hey Google”. The Internet company was present in a large scale at the technology show for the first time in years, building up the hype around its Google Assistant. The sign on the pavillion next to the exhibition hall was not “Google” but “Hey Google”, the hotword for the Assistant. It was impossible to avoid Google’s voice-activated Assistant, which was advertised not only in the exhibition itself, but throughout the whole of Las Vegas. The words shone from the neon signs outside the hotel and were visible all along the Las Vegas Strip on monorail carriages which had been specifically re-designed for that purpose.

Smart watches also made an appearance. A number of well-know retailers such as Fossil, Michael Kors and Casio showcased their products at the exhibition. We recognised the trend early on and have already made plans to provide our retailers with displays tailored specifically for showcasing and selling watches within the connected store.

Another important topic was autonomous driving. The question was no longer whether autonomous driving will happen, but rather what it will look like. Many car maufacturers presented their new models. Visitors were even able to admire an autonomous bus of the future.

The area of robotics is another area where great advances have been made. Robots are becoming more and more accurate, and their sensors are improving all the time. Robots are not only becoming cuter…

… they are also becoming practical companions…

… or playmates.

Exciting technology: A wafer-thin, walk-in digital waterfall.

CES 2018 in a nutshell

Once more, we were really excited to see how more and more products are becoming available, offering specially tailored solutions. Each product is great in its own way and certainly has its uses. The most important thing is for retailers to be able to increase visibility at the PoS; that is where the Marketplace comes into play. Products are available via the tools and longtail becomes visible in brick and mortar retail.

The highlights of the trade fair are available here as a video:


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