Brodos offering more services for corporate customers in mobile device management
Jürgen Jowanowitsch

Brodos offering more services for corporate customers in mobile device management

One service which has been welcomed is assisting corporate customers in integrating smartphones into the company’s IT environment. We have therefore decided to expand this area further. We are currently collaborating with a manufacturer to expand the service to all Android-based devices.

Brodos integrates devices into company’s IT

We have been offering our corporate customers services relating to Mobile Device Management (MDM) for some time now. As part of MDM we take care of the entire technical set-up and central administration of mobile devices in the company’s infrastructure.

The first step in the MDM service is to configure the mobile devices in accordance with the individual specifications of each individual company. This initial set-up service has different names depending on the manufacturer. Apple, whom we have been working with for 2 years, calls the initial set-up process for companies device enrollment programme (DEP).

In the area of DEP and Samsung (Knox) we carry out registration on behalf of the company’s employees. The programme makes it much easier to provide employees with company smartphones. In addition, we completely configure all the devices, a job which was previously done by the company’s own IT department.

This straightforward procedure saves companies time and money, as there is no longer any need for devices to be set up manually with all rights and applications in the IT department and in accordance with company policy. Thanks to DEP,  the device is all set up ready to be used the very first time the user switches it on.

Our service portfolio also offers product management for mobile end devices from selection to test settings to incorporation into company communications via mobile device management. We are there to help companies all along the way, whether with exchanging or repairing devices or fulfilling follow-up orders.

Image The programme helps companies save time and money.

Many new projects in the pipeline

After successfully launching Apple DEP two years ago, we have worked together with Samsung to develop and expand our skills in marketing Knox products. We were able to successfully register and integrate more than 25,000 end devices for the dm drogerie-markt drugstore chain as part of the Samsung Knox project.

Knox is a multi-layered technology which is integrated into the hardware and software of many current Samsung devices. Know continually checks the state of the device from the hardware to the operating system, in order to recognise any manipulation and to protect data.

Data protection and security is becoming even more important now, before the existing European General Data Protection Regulation is implemented in May 2018. Drastic penalties (of up to 20 million euros for each individual instance) can be incurred for companies if they can be proven to have infringed the regulation.

Our latest project which we are set to implement with a well-known partner is to provide support in integrating mobile end devices using Android, irrespective of the manufacturer.

Customers who are interested in this topic are welcome to get in touch with the relevant contact at

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