Brodos: New service card for retailers now available!
Frank Luettjohann

Brodos: New service card for retailers now available!

We invented the Brodos service cards more than three years ago. They are developed in close consultation with our retailers, helping them advertise their services at the PoS. There are, of course, always new ideas for cards to add to the range, such as for example the current card for registering a SIM card. This card is aimed at helping end customers register for a prepaid card, as registration has become much more complicated since 1 July 2017.

New service card for retailers

Retailers have worked together with us to come up with ideas for new services, such as the new service card for prepaid activation. Up until now it had been possible to buy a prepaid SIM card directly at the checkout or online. Personal data did have to be entered during the registration process, but the SIM card could be activated without any further legitimation. Since 1 July 2017, however, prepaid users are obliged to provide proof of identity. This includes, for example, using face recognition via a computer camera or via the post-ident procedure to confirm the person’s identity.

As this can be very complicated for end customers, they now have the option of going to their trusted retailer and purchasing a service card. In return, the retailer helps the end customer through the entire registration process. The card is available in three price categories. Retailers can sell them for 6.99 euros, 9.99 euros or 12.99 euros at the PoS.

Caption: With the new service card, retailers take over the entire registration process for customers.

Positive feedback from our retailers

The retailers are very pleased with our service cardsMarius Peters from Handyparadies Werne makes active use of the cards, and also had the idea for the new prepaid activation service card.

„ What I like about the service cards is that they give you an idea of how you can make a decent living from your work, , whilst at the same time drawing customers’ attention to the fact that life is not free of charge. With the cards, you can tell or show customers directly how much the respective services cost. In my experience, customers are more likely to accept the price if they see it written down than if you appear to quote one ‘off the top of your head’.“

Marius Peters, Handyparadies Werne

Sven Lötsch is also using service cards successfully at his PoS:

Sven_Loetzsch2.jpg ‎- Fotos “I like the fact that customers can see how much service we actually offer in comparison to online businesses. Customers in our store recognise how much money they actually save, as they are offered these services as part of their package, and feel as if they are enjoying preferential treatment. I don’t have to argue about the price with non-regular customers, for example from online channels, and once they realise what we have to offer they sometimes become one of our customers.

Sven Lötsch, Die Telefonmänner Plauen.

The cards help Klaus Meisner from my-eXtra Forchheim promote the services he offers. The service cards show external customers that he shouldn’t be expected to provide his services free of charge, as well as drawing their attention to the additional service they can expect from him.

Caption: Klaus Meisner displays the cards directly on the counter.

Service cards as support at the PoS

The physical service cards help retailers make their services transparent, and more and more retailers are systematically using them at the PoS. They list services, state the price for the services and help retailers market the services they offer. End customers see the monetary value of the service straightaway. When selling products, retailers can, for example, show customers how much transferring data or installing apps is actually worth.

For displaying the service cards, retailers have the option of ordering a revolving stand or putting their own range of service cards together. They can choose between three price categories and the services which suit them best. Orders can be placed by fax (00 49 9133/7770-149) or at

Retailers can get in touch with their contact at Brodos at any time if they have any questions relating to the service cards.

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