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Brodos founds an exclusive Adventure Club together with partners and friends

On March 27th, together with our partners and friends, we founded the exclusive Brodos Adventure Club in the run-up to the roadshow, which stands for extraordinary, unforgettable and joint adventures. The circle of friends gathered there are the founding members and decide together on new applications for membership.

Experience the extraordinary

The aim of the exclusive Adventure Club is to gather our special partners and friends. Most of them have known each other for a long time and have experienced many Brodo adventures together.

Together with the members we would like to experience unusual journeys and adventures. Journeys you dream of, but may not have found the time or suitable company yet. In the centre of the adventure club are the extraordinary, emotional and unforgettable.

Whether catamaran sailing in the Caribbean, canoeing in the Indian Summer or off-road tours through Africa, Brodos has something for every adventurer.

Admission to the Adventure Club

Customers and friends of Brodos AG can apply for membership. But you don’t become a member automatically, because the members have a say in the admission process and you have to prove yourself in order to be accepted into the exclusive community. There must also be an active business relationship with substantial turnover.

The coordination takes place beforehand between the already existing members, who agree among themselves and vouch for the potential applicant. The final vote and ceremonial admission takes place twice a year at the roadshow. At the roadshow, the admission of new members is discussed as well as the last and upcoming trips.

Selected guests also have the opportunity to take part in the exclusive trips at the invitation of the Executive Board.

Further information about the newly founded Brodos Adventure Club can be found at our website.

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