Brodos announces partnership with Cat phones for release of movie “PLANET OF THE APES:SURVIVAL”
Stefan Vitzithum

Brodos announces partnership with Cat phones for release of movie “PLANET OF THE APES:SURVIVAL”

Cat phones and 20th Century Fox are setting out on a new joint venture for the release of Planet of the Apes: Survival on 3rd August. The cooperation, which is to run until 30th September 2017, will give retailers the possibility of advertising the smart phones Cat S60 and Cat S30 with targetted promotions. We will act as a partner, communicating the campaign on all channels and supporting retailers at the PoS.

Promotion on all channels

Cat phones will use the release of the movie for a wide-ranging consumer promotion, highlighting the shared topic of survival. The campaign will focus on the Cat S60 with integrated thermal imaging camera which will be the key visual on all advertising material. In addition, the Cat S30 from the value segment will also be advertised as a limited edition bundle together with the multi-tool.

Activities will include promotions at the PoS using various advertising materials, a competition, the limited edition Cat S30 bundle with multi-tool in store and online campaigns running on all channels with Bullitt and us.

Image: Planet of the Apes: Survival, in cinemas from August 3rd.
© TM & © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

Advertising at the PoS

Our entrepreneurs are provided with posters, counter-top displays and flyers for their store to help boost their campaign. The trailer for the movie will also be played on my-store.TV and the Kiosk together with the promotional offer. An advertisement will also be included in the monthly flyer. Finally, we will run advertising in the end customer newsletter and over social media channels for the entire duration of the promotion.


A competition is going to be run on the CAT phones microsite”, with the possibility of winning a trip to the filming location in Canada together with two Cat S60 phones. Retailers will also receive cinema tickets and giveaways for the film which they can use to run their own competition at their PoS and via social media.

Cat S30 promotion

Included in the promotion is a bundle made up of the Cat S30, a multitool, stickers with promotional teasers and a flyer about the promotion on each package.

Image: The promotional offer includes the Cat S30 and a multi-tool. © TM & © 2017 Fox.

Any retailer can take part. The only requirement is that retailers actively advertise the promotion at their own PoS using all the advertising material they are provided with as well as actively selling the promotional bundle from Cat phones.

All entrepreneurs who choose to take part are given detailed information from us about the campaign, including how to set up and use the advertising materials at the PoS, a timetable detailing when the various steps are planned (newsletter etc.) as well as information on running their own competition.

Interested retailers are welcome to contact us on 00 49 9133 7770 – 4126 or by e-mail (

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