Brodos Adventure Club – experience the extraordinary together!
Dominik Brokelmann

Brodos Adventure Club – experience the extraordinary together!

It’s finally here – the Brodos Adventure Club. This means extraordinary, emotional and unforgettable adventures.

Fun, adventure and adrenaline

The Brodos Adventure Club will be founded by the hard core of Brodos AG at the roadshow on 27th March in Düsseldorf.

We want to gather the special partners and friends of Brodos AG in a club. Most of them are veterans in the mobile phone industry, have known each other for a long time and have already experienced many Brodos adventures together.

Together we want to experience unusual journeys and adventures. Journeys one dreams of, but perhaps has not yet found the time or right company. The adventure club focuses on the extraordinary, the emotional and the unforgettable.

Whether it is catamaran sailing in the Caribbeancanoeing in the Indian Summer or off-roading tours through Africa, we have something for every adventurer.

Together with like-minded people from the industry, members can experience adventures they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Members only

Any customer of Brodos AG may apply for membership. But you don’t become a member automatically, because the members have a say in the admission process and you have to prove yourself to be accepted into this exclusive community

When the time comes and you have qualified, you will be ceremoniously and officially accepted upon invitation of the Executive Board of Brodos AG and will be introduced to the current members.

All further information about the Brodos Adventure Club will be announced during the founding event at the Roadshow in Düsseldorf on 27th March 2019.

Every adventure begins with the first step. Interested dealers can already register for the roadshow on our event website and join us from the very first day when we launch the Brodos Adventure Club. We are looking forward to the adventures together!

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