Become an expert on SmartHome and earn money with it
Daniel Fischer

Become an expert on SmartHome and earn money with it

Those who use the SmartHome advantages in the shop themselves become experts and can secure their place with this important future topic, generate a lucrative additional business and earn money with it. That’s why we developed the SmartStore.

SmartHome in trend

The intelligent home is becoming more and more important. SmartHome trends such as energy saving, comfort and safety are in focus.

In order to turn our dealers into real SmartHome experts, we provide them with the SmartStore, a turnkey concept with which they can control their business premises simply, securely and energy-efficiently and earn real money.

Making money with SmartStore

The SmartStore includes the SmartHome Meter and the numerous live actuators that the retailer installs in his shop.

The SmartHome Meter offers everything you need to sell SmartHome in a minimum of space. For demonstration purposes, live actuators can be found on the back wall, which can be controlled via the SmartHome mobile phone app. In the integrated kiosk more than 200 actuators are available and can be ordered overnight. The customers pay in the shop and have the products delivered to their home or shop.

In the lockable display case, the dealer can show SmartHome products to take away. So that he is always up to date, current SmartHome advertising runs via my-store.TV.

With the built-in SmartHome planner, the retailer can find solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and use them to go through specific actuators he needs for his home.
Service cards for the configuration and installation of the actuators are also integrated into the SmartHome Meter.

Live Actuators in SmartStore Benefits to Use for Yourself

In addition to the SmartHome Meter, the retailer also installs various live actuators that enable him to easily and securely control his business premises.

By installing the live actuators, the shop becomes a display, thus becoming a SmartStore and the retailer a specialist who can also save a lot of money.

The actuators can be used to reduce energy costs, as heating is only carried out during business hours. When ventilating, the window and door contacts do not heat out of the window and there is an immediate alarm in case of smoke development or burglary on the mobile phone.

In addition, furniture meters, kiosks and the entire shop lighting can be automatically controlled, as can shop window scenes to attract attention even at night.

SmartHome services on top

Of course we also offer the dealers suitable training courses in addition to the hardware: a dealer training at Brodos as well as a one-time introduction to the installation of the actuators in the shop. Additionally there are “SmartHome Experts” stickers for the shop window, actuator stickers (description) for the shop, Smart Home Planner for end customers, customer letters for SmartHome info events as well as a SmartHome button for the salesman.

The SmartStore will be presented for the first time at the Brodos Roadshow on 27 March 2019 in Düsseldorf. There visitors can test SmartHome live and get advice. We will also be presenting our new Smartwatch presenter and Smartwatch console, which will also contribute to the SmartHome theme.

As part of the Brodos Adventure Club, each smart store concept partner receives 1,000 extra points for every smart home contract they have concluded by the end of July 2019.

Interested dealers can contact Susi Herzog (09133 – 7770 – 4342;

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