A very successful trade fair season!
Stefan Vitzithum

A very successful trade fair season!

Our trade fair season this year ended with a lot of good discussions and a successful trade fair presence. More visitors than in past years came to our IFA stand, and our digital products went down very well at Gamescom as well.

Positive outcome after IFA and Gamescom

More visitors and exhibitors than ever before visited our IFA Brodos Business Park. So many exhibitors joined us that we even had to increase the area of the booth. Visitors were able to inspect the brodos.net kiosk and the entire cross channel solution offered by the connected store. In addition, there were a number of special offers, aimed in particular at large retail outlets. The focus was on conversations with manufacturers and customers, with contacts also available for our specialist retailers.

Caption:  There was quite a rush on the stand again this year.

IFA mit Besucherplus

BlackBerry Mobile, BQ, Lebara, exclusive partner CAT Phones and MyScreen Protector presented their latest offers and products at our Brodos booth. CAT launched the new CAT S31 and the CAT S41, whilst also offering delegates great IFA offersBQ presented the successor of the U series as well as the 3D printer Aquaris Witbox go, which  won the red dot. design prize 2017. Lebara offered information about the new SIM card registration process and how legal requirements can be met. Nokia was also represented, presenting its new smart phone Nokia 8 and the entire Nokia series.

A lot of interesting and valuable discussions were held with representatives from various distribution channels. It was also good to see that our connected store concept has been understood and is going down very well. This led to a number of interesting discussions about which model could be relevant for the individual partners.

The meetings together with our manufacturer partners, in which we worked out the details of promotions for the end of the year, were extremely promising. Our meeting rooms were always fully booked, and at times it was even quite a squash.

Caption:  There were a number of intensive conversations at the Brodos Business Park.

Successful visit to Gamescom

The Gamescom was also a great success for us. It once more became clear how important the presence of publishers of digital products is at the PoS. With our ePIN seller app and the ContentKiosk we are right on track with the trend, pioneers in the branch as brick and mortar retailers desperately need support when it comes to digital products.  With the ePIN seller app, digital products can quite easily be sold directly in store using the salesperson’s smart phone. All retailers need to do is install the app on their Android device and then register with a Content Card distributor via our website. Whenever the end customer approaches a salesperson in store looking for a particular product, it is very straightforward for the salesperson to sell the product using the ePIN Seller app.

Caption:  The trade fair is one of the most important in the year for digital products.

Click here for the video with highlights from Gamescom:

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