5 questions to…
Vanessa Koch

5 questions to…

…Stefan Tremmel from Technikwerker GmbH

Since 1972 “Der Heuschneider”, Technikwerker GmbH from Dorfen has been available to its customers in all areas of electronics. As a specialist company, the company offers expertise in everything that has a plug. What began as a small shop has now become a successful specialty shop, for private and business customers, with a sales area of 600 square metres and 22 employees.

Stefan Tremmel, Managing Director Technikwerker GmbH

  1. What is your motto in life?
    My life motto is clearly “We can make it happen!”
  2. Which is your favorite app?
    I would definitely count Sky Go among the apps I like to use most and most often.
  3. What was your last destination?
    The last vacation I spent with my family on the island Föhr at the North Sea. A sensational place that is perfect for rest and relaxation. We rented a house for the whole family including a dog with only 2 minutes walk to the beach chair. It was great to be able to explore the island by bike.
  4. What are your current Top 5 products?
    The Top 5 products currently include my Iphone, my Jeep, my Jura coffee machine, my children’s LEGO blocks and Erdinger wheat beer. In the business sector they are Telekom Magenta TV, Apple, LOEWE OLED-TV, JURA and HAMA accessories.
  5. What was your last online and offline purchase?
    My last online purchase at Christmas was the complete Asterix collection, at the local store I last bought a cordless screwdriver.

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