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Manufacturers  Smartphones, tablets, original accessories

For many years now, Brodos AG has kept up intense business contacts as a direct partner with all major mobile phone manufacturers and we purchase a large part of our portfolio directly. Manufacturers with a direct contract include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Apple: since 2014 Brodos AG has been an authorised iPhone distributor and business partner of the innovative Californian manufacturer
  • Cat: Brodos is an exclusive distributor for the leading manufacturer for sturdy, practical and innovative outdoor devices for tough environments
  • Samsung Brodos is an authorised distributor for the global leader in the telecommunications and IT branch
  • Microsoft: international manufacturer of hardware and software and the leader in the field for Windows Phones
  • Sony: Sony Corporation supplies an extensive product range covering mobile telephones, tablets, smart devices and consumer electronics
  • Wiko: offers an extensive and wide selection of reasonably priced mobile phones, meeting the needs of all users.


Manufacturers of brand name accessories

In addition to our portfolio of original accessories, our customers can benefit from the cooperation with professional manufacturers of brand name accessories. These include the following partners:

  • Xtrom: practical solutions for charging smartphones, MP3 players, e-book readers etc.
  • Energizer: environmentally friendly and high-quality chargers from the world famous manufacturer of batteries and torches
  • KiDiGi: stylish docking stations and active holders for many different models
  • Nevox: compatible cases, covers and chargers made of high quality materials and with an attractive design
  • Juicies: MFI certified lightning and micro USB cables in Apple colors
  • LED Lenser: international market leader in designing and producing torches and head torches
  • Leatherman: Multi-tools, which can literally be used for anything
  • MyScreenPROTECTOR: award-winning manufacturer of protective films and protective glass covers for smartphones and tablets
  • StilGut: Brodos is an exclusive distributor. The cases are handmade, and are characterized by high quality materials, excellent workmanship and a perfect fit, as well as being unusually good value for money. StilGut produces fashionable but practical cases in a wide variety of colours and options for nearly all smartphones and tablets

Further partners include Jabra, Toshiba,  iMummy, 99Volts, Shockguard, White Diamonds and Varta, to name just a few.


Manufacturers for Landline and Smart Home Devices

We also work with the most important manufacturers of devices for use with landline and and the innovative smart home trend, focussing mainly on the following suppliers:

  • Gigaset: one of the leading manufacturers of cordless phones, corded phones and handsets, including Gigaset elements for a connected home.
  • Telekom: the network operator supplies not only landline and mobile communications contracts, but also the matching hardware for telephoning at home.
  • Qivicon: manage, combine and automate many devices and functions on one smart home platform
  • D-Link: makes your smartphone into a user-friendly switchboard for the connected home.
  • The portfolio is rounded off by cordless phones from Motorola.


Added value for manufacturers and suppliers

“Brodos... simply a better package”

  • High logistic capability:
    Ordered by 7pm - delivered the next day
    Goods accepted and dispatched 6 days/week
  • Support in selling goods with our own sales force focussing on specific products
  • Support with end customer marketing, e.g. with newsletters, social media adverts and my-store.TV, flyers, kiosk, brodos.net (banner advertising), e-mail marketing
    More information can be found at brodos.com/mediadaten
  • Regular special promotions, daily offers and advertising campaigns/incentives aimed at boosting demand and offered in cooperation with manufacturers
  • Lists showing which accessories are compatible with which products
  • Recommendations as to which products should be included in the product range
  • Customizing products by e.g. installing customer-specific apps, creating leaflets to be included in parcels such as info flyers and the like, making individual product bundles (hard bundling and soft bundling)
  • Goods on consignment concept with more than 900 partners


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