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Vodafone Partner

About Vodafone:





Vodafone offers you: everything

Vodafone Deutschland is one of the few companies to offer mobile communications as well as DSL and cable technology with their brands Vodafone and otelo. That means: Mobile communications, landline, internet and television all from one provider.

An even more extensive network, even more performance: Kabel Germany now belongs to Vodafone. The largest German cable network. Phone, internet and television are merging ever more.

This means that with Vodafone as a long-term partner at your side, you as a retailer can offer your customers a complete package with immediate effect.


We are an expert point of contact for:

  • Vodafone / otelo specialist retailers
  • New businesses starting out with Vodafone and otelo
  • Independent specialist retailers focussing on Vodafone and otelo
  • Cooperation partners in the connected store (my-eXtra channel)
  • Those selling Vodafone products to corporate customers (SoHo)


We offer you:

  • a strategic partnership with Vodafone
  • very good links throughout the Vodafone regions
  • bespoke sales concepts with special support
  • personal support from internal Vodafone and otelo specialists (e.g. assisting with activations and support)
  • local in-store support from our field staff
  • accounts settled on a daily basis using preliminary data from network provider
  • Brodos commission calculator, tool for calculating individual margins
  • IMEI reservations (activations without device possible in store)
  • monthly promotions with attractive special pushes and highlight offers
  • sales support e.g.
    • counter leaflets
    • offers with sample calculations
    • overview of promotions
    • steps for booking Vodafone and otelo tariffs
    • overview of devices on offer
    • and a whole lot more besides.
  • Marketing measures, e.g.:
    • monthly Vodafone / otelo flyers
    • social media and poster templates
    • end customer newsletters
    • e-mail-marketing
    • my-Store TV with its own Vodafone and otelo channels
    • Positioning as a Local Hero with Brodos Kiosk and Online Kiosk
    • and a whole lot more besides.
  • additional individual marketing support
  • support with marketing to corporate customers
    • invoice analysis and drawing up quotations for your corporate customers
    • creating mailings, flyers & presentations
    • providing tools for supporting sales e.g. needs analysis forms and guidelines for sales talks
    • individual support for large projects
    • support for all systems which are relevant for selling to corporate customers
    • information on all tariffs, products and framework agreements
    • information on availability of networks
    • organising training dates with network operators


Contact us now...

Monday to Friday from 9am - 7 pm

Tel.: + 49 9133 7770 140 (Baiersdorf)

Email: fachhandel.vodafone@brodos.de


Our brochure with all information on the connected store in the Vodafone design can be downloaded here: