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Telefonica Quality Partner

Telefónica: Germany’s largest mobile phone provider

The new Telefónica Deutschland is the largest supplier of mobile communications in Germany and a pace-setter in the telecommunications sector. Their aim is to become the leading digital telecommunications company. Customer orientation is the focus - with the highest expectations for the customer experience with the network, products and services.


Part of their recipe for success is the multibrand strategy pursued by the company.

As well as the well-known brands o2 and BASE Telefónica Deutschland also offers numerous other secondary and partner brands. These include for example AY YILDIZ, blau.de, FONIC, netzclub, Ortel Mobile, simyo, AldiTalk or TCHIBO mobil. This allows the company to reach out to additional customer groups - gaining a position for itself as a leading supplier of smartphone tariffs and products.


Promoting the digital shift

As a pioneer in the telecommunications market, Telefónica Deutschland is pushing for a digital shift in society and the economy and accepts responsibility for the continuing evolution. The telecommunications provider is doing its best to ensure that everyone can access the digital world and benefit from the advantages it offers. For years now, the Telekom networks have regularly come out top in tests.


Promoting specialist retailers with tried and tested partner models:

  • Telefónica SDS retailers
  • o2 Quality Partners
  • “The Telefónica connected store” - innovative store concept for the telecommunications retailer of the future (dual brand)


We are an expert point of contact for:

  • o2, Blau & Ortel specialist retailers
  • New businesses starting out with o2, Blau & Ortel
  • Independent specialist retailers focussing on o2 & Blau
  • Cooperation partners in the connected store (my-eXtra channel)
  • Those selling o2 products to corporate customers


We offer you:

  • The experience from many years’ strategic partnership with Telefónica
  • very good links throughout the Telefónica regions
  • bespoke sales concepts with special support
  • product and sales courses offered in conjunction with Telefónica
  • advertising groups aimed at boosting sales and retailer performance
  • personal support from internal o2/Blau specialists (e.g. assisting with activations and support)
  • local in-store support from our field staff
  • accounts settled on a daily basis using preliminary data from network provider
  • Brodos commission calculator ➠tool for calculating individual margins
  • IMEI reservations (activations without device possible in store)
  • monthly promotions with attractive bonuses and highlight offers
  • sales support e.g.
    • offers with sample calculations
    • guidelines to follow when booking O2 tariffs
    • overview of devices on offer
    • Comprehensive o2-myHandy price list
    • AirTime calculator
    • and a whole lot more besides.
  • marketing measures, e.g.:
    • monthly o2 & Blau flyers
    • social media and poster templates
    • end customer newsletters
    • e-mail-marketing
    • my-store.TV with its own Telefónica channels
    • Positioning as a Local Hero with Brodos Kiosk and Online Kiosk
    • and a whole lot more besides.
  • additional individual marketing support
  • support with marketing to corporate customers
    • invoice analysis and drawing up quotations for your corporate customers
    • creating mailings, flyers & presentations
    • providing tools for supporting sales e.g. needs analysis forms and guidelines for sales talks
    • individual support for large projects
    • support for all systems which are relevant for selling to corporate customers
    • information on all tariffs, products and framework agreements
    • information on availability of networks
    • organising training dates with network operators


Contact us now...

Monday to Friday from 9am - 7 pm

Tel.: + 49 30 / 590036 600 (Berlin)

Email: fachhandel.telefonica@brodos.de